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End Times and Fear, Do They Mix?

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I want to start this by saying I believe 100% in being prepared for disasters, natural and man made. With that said, I have a hard time understanding some of the extreme prepers and those who eat, breath and sleep end time prophecies. Now, I’ll have to admit there was a time when I found […]

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It’s Who We Are, Not What We Do!

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Is being a Christian something you do, or is it who you are? Let me make a distinction – someone who plays golf for a hobby and a professional golfer. For one, it’s a hobby, or something that’s fun and makes them feel good. For the other, it’s a way of life; they eat, sleep […]

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What Kind of Leader Are You?

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The most popular leadership style in this country for many years has been authoritarian. It’s the top down style where one man or woman is in charge, and hands down the orders as they see necessary. Their subordinates really have little or nothing to say in the decision making process, and most of the time […]

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It Is Well With My Soul

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I don’t think there are too many people who are not familiar with the song, “It Is Well With My Soul”. What many people might not be familiar with is the story behind the song. Horatio Spafford, who wrote the song, was a wealthy Chicago lawyer with a very successful legal practice. Horatio also had […]

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12 Quotes to Inspire Your life!

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I’m a pretty big optimist when it comes to life. I don’t walk around with a big grin on my face all the time, but I’m a happy person. The reason I’m a happy person is I put a lot of effort into controlling the things I focus on. Now, I have my share of […]

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