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Time to Test Your Bible Knowledge Again!

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I thought some more questions from “Do You Know Your Bible?” might be fun. There are so many fascinating stories in the bible. If you don’t spend much time in the Old Testament, some of these questions might be quite challenging. It’s definitely worth your time to read or re-read through the stories that these […]

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Hungry for Christ

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I recently started reading a book by A. W. Tozer called, The Pursuit of God. I had never heard of the book until recently when it was mentioned on another blog. Chapter one is titled Following Hard After God, and has really given me some food for thought. Many of us claim a relationship with […]

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Dale Carnegie, in his book, “How to Win Friends & Influence People” wrote: One of the most neglected virtues of our daily existence is appreciation. I wonder why that is? You would think the virtue of appreciation would be tantamount in our dealings with others, as we ourselves crave it so deeply. If you believe […]

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Criticizing Others

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Do you know anyone who needs improving upon? Maybe someone who needs a change of attitude? How about someone who isn’t doing something correctly, the way you and I know it should be done? Don’t you find people who don’t live up to our expectations and standards annoying? Those last two questions were asked tongue […]

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Time to Test Your Bible Knowledge

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I found a little booklet, that I had forgotten about, while going through some boxes the other day. It’s called “Do You Know Your Bible?”, and has 500 questions about people, events and situations in the bible. I thought it might be fun to share some of those questions. There are some that are pretty […]

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