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Cultivating Valor

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Continuing with the theme of last my last post, Id like to share my feelings about what I like to call becoming a warrior poet. One of the aspects of being a warrior poet or spiritual warrior is the cultivating of valor. If you were to look at many of the knights of medieval Europe or some of […]

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Are You a Spiritual Warrior

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It is my prayer that with the exit of the current administration in January, there may be an opportunity for a spiritual awakening in this country. I believe many Christians have been AWOL for too long, and instead of being spiritual warriors many have become spiritual wimps.     As Christians we have been intimidated into silence and told we don’t […]

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A Spirit of Antichrist

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Is there any person who reads my blog that does not see that there is a spirit of Antichrist rampant in this world?  Is there anyone who feels like everything is going just fine like it always has?  Does anyone reading this blog feel like our freedoms are in tack and shall remain that way […]

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