9 Qualities of a Great Leader

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man and woman at table at leadership conferenceMost of us are required to step up into leadership rolls from time to time. We almost all have some scope of influence with others, and with that influence comes responsibility.

Because of that responsibility, we should all understand what the qualities of a great leader are. This applies just as much in families, churches and organizations as it does in business.

For one thing, a great leader leads by authority or influence, and not intimidation or fear.

A great leader isn’t someone who bosses people around, but rather someone who uses their talents and skills to inspire and lead others.

So, let’s look at nine of qualities of a great leader, and see how we measure up and what we may need to work on.

1. Patience

A great leader shows self-control when dealing with others. He or she does not let ego get in the way, causing them to easily lose their temper. A great leader will always speak to others as they would have others speak to them.

2. Kindness

A great leader will show kindness and attention to those they lead. They will appreciate the contributions others make, and be quick to encourage people to do and be their best. A great leader is always considerate of those they lead.

3. Respectfulness

A great leader is always respectful and makes others feel like they matter. They will be quick to express their appreciation to those they lead, and will never be demeaning or rude.

4. Selflessness

A great leader strives to meet the needs of others by putting their needs above his own. A great leader sees his or herself as one who leads by serving. It is that leader’s job to bring out the best in others, and make sure that they have what they need to be and do their best.

5. Humility

A great leader is not motivated by ego, but is authentic and genuine. A great leader is not arrogant or prideful. A great leader will follow the example of Jesus Christ who was the ultimate example of a great leader.

6. Honesty

A great leader will not deceive others or use manipulation to get things done. They will always tell you the truth good or bad. They will not lead you on or make promises they are not willing to keep. A great leader says what they mean, and means what they say.

7. Commitment

A great leader is dedicated to a course of action, and will not sway unless it’s for the good of all. He or she will always give their best, and follow through to get a job done, even when things get tough.

8. Forgiveness

A great leader will not allow their ego to hold on to resentment when they are wronged. He or she will forgive others and hold not a grudge.

9. Service and Sacrifice

A great leader will set aside their own wants and needs for the wants and needs of others. They always seek the greatest good for all.

The nine qualities of a great leader aren’t something we inspire ourselves to feel, it is a decision and a commitment we make. Becoming a great leader takes hard work and is not for the faint of heart.

If you look at Jesus’ leadership style in the scriptures, you will see that He was patient, kind, respectful, selfless, humble, honest, committed, forgiving; and His ministry was about serving the needs of others. In the end He laid down His life as the ultimate sacrifice for all mankind.

Now, how will you lead?


Do you have any qualities that you would add?  Let me know!

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