Cultivate Nobility

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Photo by rhanelt

What does it mean to be noble?

Some of Merriam Webster’s definitions of noble are: Possessing outstanding qualities, of high birth or exalted rank, possessing very high or excellent qualities or properties, grand or impressive especially in appearance, characterized by, or arising from superiority of mind or character or of ideals or morals.

Now I don’t think too many of us come from nobility in our immediate families. I also think we need to make a distinction between nobility as in the Aristocracy and being noble in character and deed.

One of them comes by birthright to very few, the other is something that very few strive for but most could have.

Since I wasn’t born into a royal family, although one day I plan on marrying into one, I don’t have a title or monetary wealth that says I’m noble. Of course even if I had, will that make me noble in the way that God wants us to be noble?

I don’t think so!

The word noble is used quite a few times in the scriptures, sometimes in a good way, but many times in a bad one. The reason being is that most of the times when nobles are mentioned in scripture, it is refer to those who are called noble by title and not by character. As a matter of fact many of them were noble in title only.

If you ever watched Braveheart you will definitely know the difference. There were nobles who were nobles by birth and felt they were there to be served. Then there were men who were noble by character, who chose to serve an ideal greater than them. They did not have titles, but they fought for a noble cause without compromise or monetary reward.

How about us? Do we stand for or fight for ideals bigger and greater than ourselves? Do we carry ourselves with charity, high moral ideals, and a passion to serve?

One day we will be kings and priests under the King of Kings. We don’t have titles of nobility at this time, but one day we will. When that happens, we will need to have cultivated the kind of nobility that our King and Savior has. We will never be as good as Him, but we need to strive to be like Him.

Jesus Christ is the embodiment of nobility. He is the ideal we strive for, and the bar that has been set for us to aim at.

Most people born into nobility are high minded and self-important. We need to be opposite of that. We become noble by following Jesus Christ’s examples. We are not to be self-important, but should be striving to serve, give, love and be willing to sacrifice it all for the kingdom we will one day be part of.

Cultivating nobility is studying, practicing and working toward being noble in thought, deed, morals and service.

Are you cultivating nobility?


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