Dealing with Disappointment

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woman with a sad faceWhen my children were younger they used to always say, “That’s not fair”, whenever I had to make a decision they didn’t like. My retort was always, “Life’s not fair”. Although I was being a bit glib, it is the truth. Sometimes life just isn’t fair!

People get sick, people’s hearts get broken, and people make mistakes.

Is it fair that someone is born with a deformity? Is it fair that some people are born blind or deaf? Is it fair that some people are born into money and others into poverty? Only God can truly answer those questions, we can only give our opinions.

I do know one thing for sure though, if you’ve been in this world for any length of time, you’re sure to have experienced some trials, tribulations and disappointments. Some of them we can help and others we cannot. When things don’t go according to our plans, it’s natural that we’re going to be disappointed. What we must guard against though, is not letting disappointment beat us down, and steal our joy.

I had a disappointment recently that caused me to do some soul searching. At one time I would have let it get the best of me. I would have beat myself up because things didn’t go according to plan, and my pride was wounded.

This thing is something I really wanted to do, but could not make the cut. After a lot of prayer and meditation, I chose to adjust my thinking a bit, and follow that same path, but in a slightly different direction. So, I took something that was a disappointment and turned it into something good.

I’ve learned that not everybody can be a brain surgeon, artist or astronaut, even if they wanted to be. Now I know a lot of people are fond of saying you can do or achieve anything you want in life. Although I understand the intent, I don’t believe it to be true.

I believe anyone can be successful in life. I believe anyone can find love. I believe anyone can do a lot of things, but I don’t believe anybody can do anything.

For instance, I could not be a brain surgeon no matter how much I wanted to. My hands are not that steady, my mind is not very scientific, and I could never imagine myself using a scalpel on someone. So, I must accept that God did not give me a talent for that calling.

Does that mean I can’t contribute in some meaningful way? Does that mean that I am any less important in God’s eyes? Absolutely not!

We are not all the same, but we’re all we’re all equal in God’s eyes.

If you read 1 Corinthians 12, you’ll see how God has given each of us different talents and abilities. He says they are all equally important, and all of them are needed to make the body complete. God is not a respecter of persons, so He does not look any more favorably on a brain surgeon than He does a day care worker.

So if you’re feeling unfulfilled and disappointed in life, maybe your gifts and talents are not being utilized where you’re at. If you’re disappointment is dealing with some trial, maybe you need to try and find another way of looking at it. Maybe that trial is going to cause you to be a great blessing to someone down the road. Maybe that trial is preparing you for a calling you’ll receive one day.

Instead of letting disappointment beat you down and weary you, let it wake you up to a new direction, and a new beginning in your life.

William Throsby Bridges said, “Disenchantment, whether it is a minor disappointment or a major shock, is the signal that things are moving into transition in our lives”.

Maybe it’s time to transition your life into a new direction.

God has given each of us gifts and talents according to His purpose, which we need to recognize water, grow and use. If we’re not using those God given gifts and talents we can easily become dissatisfied and disappointed in our lives.

Plus, Jesus teaches us a very important lesson in the parable of the talents. Although the talents in the parable were money, we all know the message was about our gifts and what we do with them. If God gives us something, He expects us to use it.

I know it can be hard when disappointments and trials come, but it is those trials that sharpen and refine us. It is the challenges and trials that knock the rough edges off, and makes us more pliable in God’s hands.

We’re told in James chapter one that trials, although painful for a while, produce patience and character.

There is no end to the stories in the bible where God took peoples trials, fears, disappointments and discouragements and turned them into victories and blessing for them and His people.

When something in life disappoints you, scares you, hurts you and or discourages you, try and change the way you look at it. Who knows, it could be preparation for a great blessing in the future.

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