How About Some Better Affirmations!

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a notebook that says affirmationsI’d like to talk to you a little bit about affirmation today.

Now I’m going to assume that you know what affirmations are, but if you don’t, they are statements that you declare as true even if they presently are not. I guess they could be considered something of a wish list.

An example might be if you were someone who struggled with the ability to be a good listener, and you’re finding it’s having a negative impact on your relationships. To improve the situation, you would create affirmations that state how you want to be.

One of your affirmations might be, “I am a good listener” or “I find it easy to stay focused on what other people have to say” or I now find it easy to be a good listener”. Then you would repeat that statement once or even several times a day while visualizing it. The goals is to focus and visualize it enough until your subconscious mind makes it a part of who you are.

Now, most of the time people have affirmation for self-improvement and to keep themselves positive and confident in life. These of course are good things that even God wants for you.

The problem I’m noticing though is most all affirmations are about me, me, me. I don’t know what your belief system is, but I’m a Christian, and as a Christian my life isn’t supposed to be just about me. I’m supposed to be caring about my fellow man and woman.

As I said, God wants us to be our best, and He wants us to have joy and happiness in our lives. What God doesn’t want is for us to be selfish and only concerned about our own needs. The way we change that is to find a way to become more concerned about others.

Well, how do we do that if that’s not where we are right now? How do we get to a place where it becomes natural or second nature to care about the needs of others? How do we get to a place where it’s natural to put God first in our life? How do we get to a place where we start living the way God wants us to live?

Some of you might be saying prayer. Yes, prayer is a good place to start, but as I’ve said many times, God will not do something for you that you can or should do for yourself. Also, God does not control your actions, desires or feelings. He will inspire you, encourage you and convict your heart when needed, but he will not make you put Him or others first.

So, I would suggest a good way to start is to make some different affirmations.

How about instead of “day by day, in every way, I’m getting better and better” we say, “day by day, in every way, I’m becoming more like Christ”.

How about instead of just reading affirmations about our wants and desires, let’s create some affirmations like:

I daily meditate on God’s word and how I might serve Him better!
I fill my mind with wholesome, good and Godly thoughts!
I live a life that is worthy to be emulated!
I choose to serve God with everything that I am!
I am created in the image of God and He gives my life intrinsic value!
I am generous and giving and love helping others!

You know, God has also promised to bless our lives if we will serve Him and put Him first. When we do that we can also create affirmations like:

If God is for me, who can be against me!
God takes pleasure in blessing and prospering His children!
I set my mind on higher things, and God is blessing my life!
As a child of God, I have His favor!

Of course I’m sure you can come up with plenty yourself.

There is no greater feeling or sense of fulfillment then that which comes from being a blessing to others. It is a feeling that money, cars, houses and expensive toys can’t come close to touching.

If you will start serving God and putting Him first, and be a blessing to others whenever you can; you will find your life more rewarding, more exciting, more blessed and richer than you could ever imagine.

So why not start creating some better affirmations right now!

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