I Had a Dream Part 1

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a person dreamingI had a dream the other night and it was so vivid and so realistic that it almost didn’t seem like a dream.

I’d been wrestling lately with feeling like as a society we have been turning our backs on God. It’s said that 92% of American households owns a bible. I wonder how many actually read it.

Anyway, I tossed and turned for what seemed like hours before finally falling asleep. (That’s when it got weird).

I found myself standing on a beach, and in front of me was this large, deep and beautiful lake. This lake was cool and crystal clear, and it seemed to draw me to it. Behind me, and all around the perimeter of the lake was every kind of big and impressive structure you can imagine.

There were hotels, casinos, movie theatres and restaurants of every kind. There were bowling alleys, dance clubs, colossal financial institutions and skyscrapers. There were amusement parks of every kind, as well as, street vendors and musicians on every other corner. And everywhere I looked there were bright lights and laughter and people scurrying about. I could feel myself being pulled in that direction.

Then I turned back and looked at the lake and I found myself captivated by its beauty. I noticed brilliant and strange looking creatures swimming under the water. The surface of the water was like a sheet of glass, and there was a cool and gentle breeze blowing toward me off the lake.

When I focused on the lake, I almost forgot about the shore, it just seemed to fade away. Out toward the middle of the lake I noticed, there were people swimming. There were not nearly as many people as on the shore, and they were not laughing, hollering and scurrying about like the people on the shore, but they seemed to be really happy.

They seemed to really be enjoying themselves. There was a look of contentment on their faces and they seemed to be completely at peace. It was such an odd contrast.

Then I started feeling this tug of war going on inside me. I felt pulled toward all the things that were going on around the lake, at the same time I felt drawn to the water. I really wasn’t certain what to do.

Suddenly I noticed there were people all around me. Most were enjoying all the pleasures that surrounded the lake. Some of them would walk up to the water from time to time, take off their shoes and dip their toe in the water. The majority of them would recoil as if they saw a snake. That water is way to cool for swimming many of them said. Plus, my friends and family are waiting on me so I really don’t have time to swim now, maybe another day.

Then there were some who would wade out a little deeper, but when they saw a wave coming in their direction, they ran out of the water and said, “It’s way too risky and hard to stand, I feel much safer on the shore, I don’t feel comfortable in the water”.

Then there was an even smaller number who even though the water was cool, decided to venture a little deeper. Some went in up to their ankles, some up to their knees and some up to their waists.

For a while they seemed to enjoy the water, but they kept hearing the sounds and voices from the shore. You could see a struggle going on in their minds, but the pull was too great for some of them and they left the water and went back to the shore.

Then, there was even a smaller group who entered the water and didn’t look back. These people dove under and totally submerged themselves in the water. When they came up, there was such a look of contentment on their faces. You could tell that many of these people had lived hard lives and been through a lot, but they seemed to be so at peace after submerging themselves in the water.


If you’d like to hear the rest of the dream, stay tuned for part 2!

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