Spiritual Muscle

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Who doesn’t know that if you want to be healthy you have to exercise? To strengthen our hearts, many of us go for a walk or a jog each day, some spend time on an elliptical machine or treadmill. To strengthen and build our skeletal muscles, many of us do some sort of weight or […]

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Sitting In For God

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I know I just wrote about judging others recently, but I see it so often that it has been on my heart to write about it again. When we go around judging others, we are putting ourselves in a position that none of us is qualified for. When we judge others we are sitting in […]

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How Are You Feeling, How is Your Health?

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So, how are you feeling these days? I’m not asking about your mental or emotional feelings, as important as they are; but, how are you feeling physically; how is your health? Are you feeling vibrant and full of energy, or are you tired and lethargic most of the time? Are you feeling upbeat and strong; […]

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Where Do Our Freedoms Come From?

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I’ve been thinking  about the wonderful freedoms we have lately, and wanted to re-post this article I wrote last year for the 4th of July.   Also, I just started a new job this week, and my daughter is getting married this next Sunday, June 2nd.  After the dust settles, I will have some new material […]

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