Questions, Are They The Answer?

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Do you realize that we are constantly asking ourselves questions? Questions like, what should I eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? What should I watch on TV tonight? What should I wear today, etc?

Most of us go through life on autopilot, never really thinking about the questions we ask ourselves; and how they might affect us. Instead we blindly accept whatever life seems to throw our way, and call ourselves failures when we don’t like the results.

The questions we consistently ask ourselves determine, to a large extent, the direction we go in life. This in turn affects the quality of our lives and our relationships with God, family and the world.

So, if your life isn’t everything you had hoped for, maybe you need to ask yourself very important questions like, “What kind of questions do I regularly ask myself”? Most people are totally unaware of the constant questioning that goes on in their minds, and how self-sabotaging they can be.

Questions like, why is life so hard? Why does God seem so far way? Why don’t people like me? Why can’t I lose weight? Why can’t I get along with my spouse or children better? Why can’t I succeed at anything? Why can’t I quit smoking? Why don’t things ever seem to go my way? Why can’t I find someone to have a loving and meaningful relationship with, etc.?

If these are the kind of questions you consistently ask yourself, you stand a good chance of leading a rather unproductive, unhappy and self-defeating life.

If on the other hand, if you start asking yourself better questions like; what can I do today to draw closer to God? What can I do today to help me overcome my addition to cigarettes, or some other bad habit? What is the best way to accomplish the task at hand? What is the best way to communicate what I’m trying to say? What can I do to be more productive with my time? How can I positively impact my children? What can I do to make them feel special? How can I become more successful and passionate in my life?

If you want to live a happy, productive and fulfilling life, ask yourself questions like, what’s wonderful in my life right now. What are some of the wonderful or exciting experiences I’ve had in my life? What do I have to be grateful for? How can I best contribute to others? What would I like to do if I could do anything?

I’m sure you could add many more yourself.

You need to start asking yourself questions that empower you, and stop the negative questions that hold you back and defeat you. If we don’t learn to switch off the autopilot and take control of our thinking and the questions we ask ourselves; we will be destined to follow that well-worn path to a life of mediocrity.

So, are you ready for change? Are you ready to kick things up a notch? If you are, get a piece of paper and a pen and start writing down some better questions to ask yourself.

Again, the questions you ask yourself are going to determine, to a large extent, what you focus on and the decisions you make. Keep in mind, when preparing your better questions, that whether you believe you can, or believe you can’t, you’re right. So write in the affirmative!

If you ask yourself questions like, “why you don’t feel as close to God as you’d like, or why you don’t have any friends”, your mind is going to come up with answers even if they’re not true. More than likely it will come up with an answer that will make you feel lousy and unworthy of a close relationship with God or anyone else.

Below are more questions you might want to start asking yourself. But don’t stop with my questions, come up with a list of your own.

What can I be grateful for right now? What can I do today to become more productive in my life? What can I do today to help me on my path to weight loss and excellent health? What can I do today to impact someone else’s life in a positive way? What kind of thoughts do I need to think in order to keep a smile on my face and in my heart?

You can add to and adjust your list anytime you need to. Make two or three copies of your list, and hang a couple of them at home where you’ll see them on a regular basis. Also put a copy in your wallet or purse so you can take it out wherever you are for a quick reminder, and pick me up.

Be sure when asking yourself these questions, do it with enthusiasm. It will help kick start the process and get your mind looking for a more positive answer.

Make sure you always write your questions in the affirmative. Don’t ask yourself questions like “why can’t I” but rather, “how can I”.

Remember, if you start asking yourself better questions, you’re going to start getting yourself better answers.


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