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The 7th Commandment

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This is the eighth post in this series on the 10 Commandments. The previous posts in this series were: 1). Does God Change, 2). The 1st Commandment, 3). The 2nd Commandment, 4). The 3rd Commandment, 5). The 4th Commandment, 6). The 5th Commandment, and 7). The 6th Commandment   In the 1st four Commandments God […]

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If It Can Happen to David

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In reading in the book of Samuel about the life of King David, and his encounter with Bathsheba I had to stop and ponder how such a thing might happen. I’m thinking, how does one so close to God end up in a situation like that. So many of the Psalms express David’s deep passion […]

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