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A Proclamation

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While contemplating this time of Thanksgiving, and preparing a Bible study this past week I came across the below proclamation from our 35th President of the United States of America. I was very impressed and touched by what I read, and wanted to share it with you.  There was a time in our Country when […]

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Is Self-Directed Improvement Wrong for Christians?

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I was commenting on a post on a blog called Cycle Guy’s Spin recently, which I recommend you check out. The post was about being around positive versus negative people, and how those attitudes affect people, especially coming from church leadership. There was one post that took exception with people striving to work on themselves […]

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Choose To Be Happy

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Did you know that happiness is a choice? It really is! Now I’m sure someone’s saying, “Hold on a minute, you’re telling me that if I lose my job, or if I lose money in the stock market, or if I find out I’m sick and may not have many years left; I can choose […]

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How’s Your Gratitude Attitude?

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I felt compelled to write about gratitude one day after celebrating Mother’s day. How many of you don’t feel a great sense of appreciation or gratitude when thinking about all that mom has done for you? Our mothers deserve our utmost appreciation; because they are the heart of the family. With that said we need […]

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