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Accepting Trials

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I could probably write a book on this topic, but I am going to try and narrow it down to a simple post. I am glad at this point in my life that God has helped me to grow beyond the proclivity to spend days and days upon the pity pot when trials hit my […]

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Enduring Trials – Part 2

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This post is a continuation of Wednesdays, post titled “Enduring Trials – Part 1”. Trials are a part of the Christian walk, and we must all learn from them if we are to receive that Crown of Life that’s promised in scripture. If you have not already read Enduring Trials – Part 1, I would […]

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Enduring Trials – Part 1

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Have you ever felt like you’ve reached the end or your rope, and just couldn’t take any more? Have you ever felt like life was just too hard and it’s not worth trying to overcome or make a difference? Well, if you’ve ever felt that way, let me offer you an extra knot to tie to the […]

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