The Barriers in Your Mind

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road closed signIs your mind filled with self-defeating and limiting barriers, you know, the road closed kind? Barriers probably built during your childhood and reinforced throughout your life.

Every time you’ve been told you don’t have what it takes to accomplish something, barriers grew. Every time you’ve been rejected, humiliated, verbally abused and knocked down the barriers became bigger and stronger. Every time you’ve looked at your family history and saw that nobody really amounted to much in life your barriers were reinforced.

So what exactly are these barriers and what can you do about them?

Well, those barriers are false beliefs that tell you can’t do something even though there is no sound reasoning behind it. They’re those beliefs that keep you living in mediocrity with no hope of really doing much with your life.

They are strongholds in your mind that keep you from achieving goals, accomplishing dreams and living the fulfilling life that God wants for you.

Let me show you how it works.

You want to be a doctor, you pray that God will bless you and help you to become a doctor. Well, God’s thinking that’s great, he or she wants to make a difference and help people, and He’s ready to open doors for you.

Then after you’re done praying, you look at your life and family; and you say to yourself, who am I kidding I’m not that smart. No one in my family has ever gone beyond a couple years of college, and besides how many times have I heard that I will never really amount to anything. Plus, it will cost a small fortune, and I really haven’t been that good in school, and I’m not this, and I’m not that, etc. etc. etc. God is ready to open doors, and you just put pad locks on them.

God does not answer prayer that is not asked in faith.

It’s like the story of three boys playing in the back yard when the mother looks outside and sees there is a skunk in the middle of them. The mother panics and yells for the boys to run. So one of the boys reaches down, picks up the skunk, and they all run.

That’s what we do in prayer so often. We bring our stinky problems to God, and instead of leaving them at His feet and trusting Him, we pick the skunk back up and take it with us when we’re done praying.

So we tell God what we want, and instead of trusting Him to open the doors and help us through them, we pick up all our doubts and reasons why it won’t work, and carry them with us after saying amen.

We are our worse enemy when it comes to our success in life. We don’t believe, because we have these strongholds or barriers in our mind that we allow to hold us back.

If you don’t believe you can accomplish something, all your prayers, as well as, God’s desire to help, will make no difference. Let me ask you something, do you really think God is limited by your education, or lack of it? Do you really believe that God is limited by your lack of money? Do you really think that God is limited by your family history, or by those who told you can’t accomplish something?

The only thing God is limited by is your faith. If you do not believe, there is nothing that God is going to do for you.

God wants all His children to be successful in life. That doesn’t mean He wants us all to be financially wealthy. It means He wants us all to live the best and fullest life possible. It means He wants us to make a difference in our sphere of the world. It means He wants us to live a meaningful life, and experience true joy and love. It’s hard to live those things if you don’t believe you can.

Stop believing the limiting thoughts that have kept you in mediocrity. Stop believing you can’t make a difference. Stop believing you can’t go beyond what has been done before you. Stop limiting God!

Break through the limiting beliefs of your past, and let your mind embrace a new way of thinking. God is not the God of losers; He is the God of winners.

You just have to believe!

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