Time to Test Your Bible Knowledge Again!

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bible quiz signI thought some more questions from “Do You Know Your Bible?” might be fun.

There are so many fascinating stories in the bible. If you don’t spend much time in the Old Testament, some of these questions might be quite challenging. It’s definitely worth your time to read or re-read through the stories that these questions come from.

Of course, there are some questions that are pretty easy, but some are definitely a bit more of a challenge. If there are any you can’t get, email me at mike (at) yourspiritmindandbody (dot) com, and I will send you the answers.

Good luck, and have fun!

1. Which general in David’s army murdered two generals and was slain at the tabernacle altar as punishment?

2. Which king was angry because the man he had told to curse his enemies, blessed them three times instead?

3. After the priest anointed this new king with oil from the tabernacle a trumpet blew and the people rejoiced, who was that king?

4. Who went to a river to bathe and found a baby?

5. Accompanied by only an armor bearer, who climbed up into an enemy garrison, and along side the armor bearer killed some 20 men?

6. During a terrible plague, in which thousands of people died, he bravely mingled with the stricken people to make atonement for them with God. Who was that?

7. This slain king was mourned by temple choirs, and to this day sad songs are still sung about his death, the songs being officially recorded in the Laments. Who was he?

8. After winning a battle with the help of a woman,he sang with her a song of victory. Who was that?

9. Which king, wounded in battle, died in his chariot and was brought to Samaria where “one washed the chariot in the pool of Samaria”?

10. Eighty-five priests were slain in this city. What’s the name of the city?

11. Which man, after stealing battle spoils, confessed to his theft and was stoned to death?

12. Who conspired against his father, causing him to flee from Jerusalem with his entire household?

13. Which man was such a capable administrator he made government officials so jealous they conspired against him and had him thrown to lions?

14. Who, after making a covenant with the people at Schechem, set up a great stone under an oak as a witness?

15. Who met his death on the gallows he had build for another man?


I wish you all a great rest of the week!




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