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bibles on a book shelveI found a little booklet, that I had forgotten about, while going through some boxes the other day. It’s called “Do You Know Your Bible?”, and has 500 questions about people, events and situations in the bible. I thought it might be fun to share some of those questions.

There are some that are pretty easy, but some are definitely a bit of a challenge. I believe most of the ones I’ve shared below, you will know, or be somewhat familiar with.

Good luck, and have fun!

  1. Who was holding a feast for a thousand guests, when handwriting appeared on a wall?
  2. Who, while entertaining thirty men with a feast that lasted seven days, challenged them with a riddle?
  3. Whose thigh went out of joint during a wrestling match with an angel?
  4. Which five-year-old boy fell from his nurse’s arms and was made lame?
  5. Who was bitten by a snake as he laid sticks on a fire?
  6. Which king, because he disobeyed God’s command and burned incense on a holy altar, was stricken with leprosy as punishment?
  7. Which king had bones taken from mountainside graves, and burned them on an altar at Bethel to defile it?
  8. When a man refused to sell him a vineyard, which king became so angry that he went to bed without eating?
  9. Which man, afflicted with leprosy, became angry with a prophet’s suggestions for his healing?
  10. Who washed his face after having an emotional meeting with his young brother?
  11. Which prophet had a vision of four chariots, each drawn by a different colored horse, coming from between what looked like two brass mountains?
  12. Who was instructed to lay both of his hands on the head of a live goat and confess over him the sins of the Israelites?
  13. Who conspired against his father, causing him to flee from Jerusalem with his entire household?
  14. Which man was in danger from a conspiracy of some forty Jews who vowed not to eat or drink until they had killed him?
  15. Who, after making a covenant with his father-in-law, set up a pile of stones as a witness to their act?
  16. Which queen met her death by being thrown from a window and trampled by horses?
  17. Which farmer winnowed his barley at night?
  18. Who hid two men sent to spy on Jericho, on a roof, covering them with flax stalks?
  19. At the sight of handwriting on a wall, who became so frightened his knees knocked together?

If there are any questions above that you don’t know, and can’t find the answer to; feel free to sent me an email to mike (at) yourspiritmindandbody (dot) com, and I will send you the answers.

Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!





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