Which Nature Drives You?

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Are you a kind person? Do you like to help others? Do you go out of your way to do something nice for someone everyday?

Unfortunately, for most of us, those are not normal occurrences. Sure, we want to be nice people, and we all want people to like us. The problem is we become distracted with life and spend most of our time thinking about our own needs and desires.

Going out of our way to do something nice for someone else is contrary to our human nature. Our human nature tells us that we’re number one, we’re important, and our needs and desires have top priority. Human nature is about self preservation and making sure our needs are met.

Now don’t get me wrong, human nature is necessary and not all bad. After all, God did create us with a human nature, and it is how we make sense of the world around us. It’s that nature that drives us to reason, communicate and function in the physical world.

It’s also that nature that is contrary to the nature of God, and shows us that without God we are of all creatures most miserable. We have so much potential that God puts within us, but without His Spirit and influence in our lives that potential is purley selfish and self serving.

There is nothing wrong with striving to be your best. There is nothing wrong with having nice things in your life. There is nothing wrong with taking nice vacations. What is wrong, is making those things your god, and the main focus in your life.

When you are not in a relationship with God, or when your relationship has been neglected there are tell tail signs.

Some of them are; instead of thinking about the welfare and needs of others, you become preoccupied with yourself and your own wants and desires. Instead of thinking about what you might do to bless another person, you pondering on all the things you wish you had. Instead of going an extra mile to make someone’s life a little easier, you resent that people aren’t thinking more about your wants and desires.

Human nature is all about self! God’s nature is all about others!

When you read John 1:1-4 and see how awesome, amazing and powerful God is; yet He came in the flesh taking no thought about His own needs or comfortability. His whole short life on this earth was all about helping and serving others. It was about tending to the spiritual and physical needs of people.

There are two natures at war in this world. As you draw closer to God your heart and mind are renewed and the prevalent nature driving you will be God’s nature. As one shuts himself off to, resists, or back slides away from God, his human nature takes over.

Deuteronomy 30:19 says, “This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live”.

We have a choice. We can live a life of giving, serving and being blessed, or we can live a life of self serving and self satisfaction and be cursed in the long run.

As for me, I choose life and blessings; how about you?

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